Home advantage

"My home base," as the professional Swiss cross-country skier Curdin Perl calls his home village of Pontresina. The mountains, the pure air and the excellent training conditions make the place particularly special to him. It’s not surprising: if cross-country skiing had a home, it would most likely be Pontresina. Snow in winter is a given, with every morning offering guests a new choice of freshly groomed trails. And this is complemented by its modern infrastructures, cross-country skiing schools, shops, and cross-country skier-friendly accommodations.


Professional Swiss cross-country skier

The Swiss professional skier Curdin Perl (15.11.1984) is a member of the Swiss National Ski Team. He lives with his wife and daughter in Pontresina.
"Training right in my backyard."

A long time ago, Perl dreamed of immigrating to Canada – today a father, he feels he has everything he needs right here in the Engadine. Thanks to its high altitude, the Engadine is great for endurance training. He particularly enjoys cross-country skiing right after a snowfall, when the sun is shining and the track into the Roseg Valley is freshly groomed. In spring, you frequently meet him on the high-altitude track at Alp Bondo – his insider tip. After completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter, he began his cross-country skiing career at the age of twenty. At that time, cross-country skiing was still something of a minority sport in Switzerland – and Curdin was considered a bit of a weirdo. Snowboarding was considered cool. Today, he has to smile when he meets a former snowboarder enjoying the cross-country skiing tracks – it’s a great feeling to have been one of the first to practise the sport before it became popular with the general public.

For beginners, Perl recommends visiting the Langlaufzentrum Pontresina, which offers short climbs and a good practice slope – an ideal training ground to try out the narrow skis. For those who are already feeling confident, he has another tip: the "Traumloipe" through the forest of Staz. As for Perl himself, together with colleagues from the "Tour de Ski", he enjoys taking a trip through all of the Engadine, as he sets off on another round of training near his “home base” Pontresina.