One man, one fly,
one passion

When throwing his fishing line, Lüzza has a firm stand – almost like Django! He swings his angled right arm backwards and forwards, while his wrist remains locked. Then he hurls the fishing line with fly attached several meters out, flings it back and out again. Three. Four. Jab! The line shoots forward and this time Lüzza lets the bait dance on the surface. “The fly is far too light to simply cast the line forward in one go", he explains. He goes on to reveal why Pontresina is a particularly beautiful setting for this pursuit:

Lüzza Campell

Mountain Doctor, Hunter, and Fly Fisherman

Fly fishing hobbyists will warm to Dr Lüzza Campell (1962). A general practitioner and emergency doctor, this Pontresina native passionately devotes himself to hunting and fly fishing in his spare time.

"If Pontresina were a fish, it would be a colourful trout with a very fresh and subtle taste."

„Going out there before sunrise and enjoying the peaceful morning is a very mystical experience. Fly fishing is much like meditation." We believe every word he says, and it doesn’t matter if the fish don’t always bite. For Lüzza, it’s the experience of nature that counts. The mountain lakes Lej Languard and Lej Muragl not far from Pontresina are especially lovely to him. And Lej Nair and Lej Pitschen on the Bernina Pass. There, visitors to Pontresina also get their chance, and fly fishing is free! If you’re a beginner, Lüzza recommends taking a few lessons: "The technique isn’t easy, so you benefit from the knowledge of a guide and proper equipment; a good fishing rod is especially helpful with the first attempts." But what is it that fascinates him about fly fishing? "It's a bit like hunting. Every few meters you have to check the conditions again: Where are the trout? Where is the wind blowing from? Where is the sun? Which insects are flying around and from where do I throw?", Lüzza explains, his eyes shining with enthusiasm.

Earlier, Lüzza compared the holiday classic Pontresina to a colourful trout. And speaking of trout, one such specimen from the river Flaz, a three pounder, is so far his largest catch here. But that’s no surprise as these fishing grounds are very well populated. "With a little bit of luck, you can catch a brook trout, a grayling or a Canadian sea char", he explains. You can feel a little bit like Brad Pitt in the movie 'A River Runs Through It', which really laid the foundation for the new lifestyle activity of fly fishing. Not surprisingly, it’s one of Lüzza's favourite films.