Brand Pontresina
The finer pleasures of the High Alps

The finer pleasures of the High Alps

In order to position Pontresina within the brand strategy Engadine St. Moritz, in 2010, the Municipality of Pontresina and representatives of tourism, trade and industry went through a strategy process for the village together with the consulting firm Brand Trust. The goal was to increase value within Pontresina and to live the derived concept from the inside out – both service providers and locals. It was important that both locals and service providers identify with the new village strategy to make "the finer pleasures of the High Alps" come alive.

Everything about the brand Pontresina

How does Pontresina benefit from a brand strategy?

More added value through desirability

Credible and attractive positioning for Pontresina within the brand strategy Engadine St. Moritz increases its attractiveness – and ultimately the local added value.

Efficient local marketing

Clear focus on the term "finer pleasures" in the communication and thus greater efficiency and cost savings in marketing internally. As part of the performance mandate, Engadine St. Moritz handles the external marketing for Pontresina.

Improved dialogue with the locals

The involvement of Pontresina residents in regular meetings and other projects creates opportunities for them to contribute, exchange ideas, and actively participate in the implementation of the brand strategy.

Further development of the mission statement

Core brand values, based on Pontresina’s excellence, create the basis for a future-oriented positioning taking into account its tradition, culture, and the Romansh language.

To act in concert

Motivation and involvement of decision-makers and service providers as well as the residents of Pontresina, in order to bring the strategy to life together and to convey the “finer pleasures of the High Alps” to visitors and locals alike.

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