VR Bistro Diavolezza

Via Maistra, 7504 Pontresina-Diavolezza info@govertical.ch

Bistro "VR Glacier Experience" at the Diavolezza valley station.

We offer drinks and snacks

The multimedia exhibition was created as part of the Graubündner Kantonalbank's 150th anniversary project #gkb2020. The interactive exhibition "Virtual Reality Glacier Experience" provides answers on the topics of glaciers and water and takes visitors on a journey through space and time. Interested visitors can immerse themselves in the past and the future and experience the area around the Morteratsch Glacier in four virtual tours. Different climate scenarios are used to show the retreat of the glacier tongue. The "Virtual Reality Glacier Experience" is available in English and German.

Further information is available at VR Glacier Experience