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At Colombo Personal Health Coaching, you learn how to lose weight and rediscover yourself through a new lifestyle. The founder of this revolutionary health concept, Mirko Colombo, will be happy to advise you personally. Small habits will be developed that will improve your quality of life and lead to a new lifestyle that will have a positive effect on your general well-being. The result is a weight loss that is sustainable and without the yo-yo effect. Losing weight does not require a miracle cure: it takes time, determination, and consistency to fight against enemy number 1, our mind; rediscovering yourself is a path that must lead to a change in our way of living and thinking, not just in our diet. Structured instrumental and clinical evaluations based on anamnesis are carried out in advance. Only in this way is it possible to develop a tailor-made therapy for you, which is specialized and personalized to your real-life situation. Besides, the physical condition is also assessed (e.g., through sports check-ups), and treatments for local fat loss are offered. Online courses are also provided to influence your well-being via the new media positively. On, the most exciting success stories of satisfied patients are collected, which underline the effectiveness of this original method. You are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail. You will find our contact details on this website.