Mountain biking in Pontresina, the Engadine

With more than 400 km of single trails and special flow trails, the Engadine showcases itself from an exciting new angle. Whether in overcoming a flowy or blocked single trail, a curvy mountain pass road or a fast downhill trail – in Pontresina, mountain bikers are truly spoilt for choice. If you want to conserve their energy, but don’t want to miss the downhill thrill, you can have your bike transported up the mountain. The mountain railways in Celerina and St. Moritz offer a taxi service by rail – a highlight for endurists. But trips to neighbouring Puschlav do not have to be strenuous. If you don’t want to pedal, simply take the Rhaetian Railway as a shuttle to the top of the Bernina Pass – then hit the downhill trail.

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Flowing or blocked, high alpine or along rivers – Pontresina rocks!

Tour Tip: Bernina Express including uphill trail

Named after the legendary Rhaetian Railway train, this impressive tour stretches over the Bernina Pass, past streams and glaciers – and impressive views of the Bernina Range. At the pass, turn left past the Lago Bianco, before reaching the single trail descent to Valposchiavo. After just a few metres you can already smell the southern climate and the different vegetation. The terrace of the Belvedere restaurant and the buffet at Alp Grüm station invite you to take a break. From Cavaglia, bikers have a choice: either take the signposted route over gravel and asphalt roads or choose a more sophisticated trail along the railway tracks. From Poscchiavo back to the Bernina Pass, it’s best to take the Rhaetian Railway. A flowy downhill from Bernina Pass to Pontresina is the culmination of this daytrip. By the way, Pontresina has grasped the opportunity, at God Chapütschöl, to split the uphill and downhill trails. While the downhill trail is marked by rhythmic bumps and smooth berms, the uphill one meanders its way through a picturesque forest in a regular sequence of turns and a variety of steep ascents. It is the Engadine's first uphill trail specifically adjusted to going up. Download the route map

Pumptrack Pontresina

Bike tour already over and you still haven’t had enough? Then head off to the 350-metre-long Pumptrack Cuntschett, right at Pontresina railway station. Great for beginners and skilled drivers of all ages, because thanks to its curves, hollows and bends it offers countless driving trails. The pump track, built from 200 cubic metres of concrete, is open daily from May to October. Here, no special skills are required. Just hit the track and have fun. If you do not have a bike or any protective clothing, you can rent everything right across the street in the bike shop of Pontresina Sports or the other shops in the village centre.


The bike pros of the Engadine bike schools offer tours for all skill levels, short trips and riding technique courses. Fun and flow included. For rental bikes and protective clothing, visit Fähdrich sports or Flying Cycles.

Bike School Engadin
Tel. +41 76 471 47 53

Bernina Sport
Tel. +41 81 842 70 40

Fähndrich Sport
Via Maistra 169
CH-7504 Pontresina

Flying Cycles
Cuntschett 1
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel. +41 81 838 83 88


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