4,87 km
1:37 hrs.
248 m
227 m
Stage Tour Easy
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Pontresina, Alp Languard
Lowest point
2.325 m
Highest point
2.540 m
  • Faunistic highlights
  • Insider tip
  • Round tour
  • With refreshment stops
  • Suitable for families and children
Source : Engadin St. Moritz

Having reached Alp Languard, hikers are required to choose between a challenging excursion to one of the surrounding mountains cabins or a leisurely stroll on the Paradis Tour featuring Chamanna Cabin.

The latter is an entertaining hike affording marvellous views of the Bernina mountain range and, if you are lucky enough, a glimpse of one or the other ibex. Remember: the benches on the way to Chamanna Paradis are worth taking a break on. Listen to Pontresina ranger Daniel Godli telling funny anecdotes on ibices on the Paradis Tour from Alp Languard to Chamanna Paradis. Remember to discover Pontresina's Ibex Paradise.

Alp Languard - Chamanna Paradis - Alp Languard

Tip of the author
Remember to discover Pontresina's Ibex Paradise.
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