S-chanf - Brail

S-chanf - Brail
Starting point:
S-chanf, Zeughaus (finishing line of the Engadine Ski Marathon)
Points along the route:
S-chanf - Bos-chetta Plauna - La Resgia - Cinuous-chel - Punt Ota - Brail
This cross-country ski track is called Loipa dal Sulagl (i.e. the sun track) as it is situated on the sunny side of the Engadine. Past the idyllic hamlet of Chapella the cross-country skiing track climbs to above the Lower Engadine village of Brail, which is reached after a thrilling downhill run. In the Val Punt Ota you cross the boundary that separates the Upper from the Lower Engadine.

Technical difficulty: medium

Technique: skating and classic

Downhill run: 110 m

Time required 1 hours Length of Tour 5.8 Km Ascent 120 m Descent 120 m Max height 1692 m.a.s.l. Difficulty
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