Alp Bondo circuit

Alp Bondo circuit
Starting point:
Diavolezza, valley station
Points along the route:
Diavolezza valley station - Alp da Buond Suot - Alp da Buond Sur - Alp da Buond Suot - Diavolezza valley station
This circuit is situated up at the Bernina Pass (2330 m). It runs along the RhB railway track of the famous Glacier Express. Snow is guaranteed on this cross-country skiing track, but in the autumn it is only prepared if there is no snow down in the valley. Once the tracks in the valley have closed in the spring, up here you can often extend your cross-country skiing season to the end of April.

Option A: access and exit via the Lagalb valley station


Technical difficulty: medium

Technique: skating and classic

Downhill run: 100 m of altitude difference

Time required 1 hours Length of Tour 4.2 Km Ascent 61 m Descent 61 m Max height 2144 m.a.s.l. Difficulty
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