Pontresina - Morteratsch

Pontresina - Morteratsch
Starting point:
Pontresina, cross-country skiing centre
Points along the route:
Pontresina - Surovas - Resgia - Alp Veglia - Morteratsch
This run is also suitable for beginners. The cross-country track is initially slightly uphill until you have left the village of Pontresina behind. After that there are no more climbs on the way to the Hotel Restaurant Morteratsch. Once you get there it is well worth taking the detour to the Restaurant's sunny terrace to enjoy the wonderful mountain panorama of the Bernina group of mountains.

Option A: access via the Surovas station

Option B: The Morteratsch Glacier cross-country track takes you even closer to the glacial tongues. (distance: 5.4 km / climb: 107 m of altitude difference / technical difficulty: difficult)


Technical difficulty: easy

Technique: skating and classic

Downhill run: 15 m of altitude difference

Time required 1 hours Length of Tour 6.4 Km Ascent 147 m Descent 147 m Max height 1896 m.a.s.l. Difficulty
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