Alp Languard - Las Sours - Senda dal Stambuoch - Alp Languard

13,25 km
5:35 hrs.
1.218 m
1.218 m
Stage Tour TOP Difficult
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Destination of the tour
Lowest point
1.841 m
Highest point
2.972 m
  • Scenic
  • Faunistic highlights
  • Summit route
  • Loop
  • Refreshment stops available
  • Botanical highlights
  • Cableway ascent/descent
Source : Engadin Tourismus AG

Las Sours is a prominent mountain peak in the Languard area. You can't get to the main summit, but thelower summit is already an experience.

The tour starts comfortably with the Languard chairlift from Pontresina to Alp Languard. The ascent along the flank of Las Sours up to the Segantini Hut begins there. Surefootedness and a head for heights are a must on the whole tour! After refreshments, the steep ascent over scree fields leads up to the summit. As the name suggests (Las Sours stands for the sisters in Romansh), the peak consists of several elevations. Only the first summit is accessible, we leave the other summits to the good climbers, the ibex. Enjoy the view once more before we start the steep descent again. Instead of descending directly to the Languard chairlift, we take the Senda dal Stambuoch below Piz Muragl over towards Piz Languard. At the crossroads, turn right down to the Languard chairlift and take it back down to the valley in comfort.


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Pontresina - Alp Languard - Segantini hut - Las Sours - Senda dal Stambuoch - Alp Languard
Tip of the author
On the way down, you can make a detour to the Paradis Hut.
Safety information
The summit is narrow, but please do not go any further!
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