Ibex Promenade

1,25 km
0:20 hr
28 m
26 m
TOP Easy
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Pontresina Santa Maria church
Destination of the tour
Pontresina Blais Weg
Lowest point
1.856 m
Highest point
1.895 m
  • Scenic
  • Faunistic highlights
  • Suitable for strollers
  • Family friendly
Source : Engadin Tourismus AG

The Ibex Promenade is a one-kilometre hiking trail suitable for prams and featuring seven stops with entertaining information for children and grown-ups on the nature of ibices, their habitat and geographical presence.

The Promenade is accessible all year. Remember: from the beginning of April through the beginning of June, free guided tours of the exciting world of ibices (of approx. one-and-a-half hour's duration) will be available on Thursday and Saturday. With temperatures beginning to rise from the month of June, the ibices are going to withdraw to higher altitudes, and Pontresina will switch over to offering free guided marmot and ibex tours in July and August. Remember to discover Pontresina's Ibex Paradise. www.pontresina.ch/ibex-paradise 


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Santa Maria church - Sonnenterrasse Crast'Ota - Blais Weg
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Remember to discover Pontresina's Ibex Paradise. www.pontresina.ch/ibex-paradise
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