Spa and massage treatments

Massage special

Book a massage (25, 40, or 50 minutes) and get free admission to the Bellavita Pool and Spa. This special offer applies from 9 April through 13 May 2018 as well as from 12 November through 21st December 2018. Free admission is valid on the day of your massage appointment only. Multi-massage passes are excluded from this special offer.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna, offering a splendid panoramic view, is entirely clad with Swiss pine wood. An aufguss on heated stones produces very high temperatures in the Finnish sauna. In general, they are between 85 and 90°C; the humidity is 10%. The heat is followed by a cooling off in the cold pool or under the ice rain shower. A resting phase is followed by another sauna visit.


We offer several massages. The massage rooms are equipped with sound-proof pine-wood ceilings contributing to the Bellavita feeling of well-being. Massage appointments can be made at the Bellavita reception desk or by calling +41 81 837 00 38. The masseurs’ team is looking forward to your visit.

Warm water pool

Guests like to linger in the 32°C heated pool. Fine nozzles make for a gentle massage of arms, legs and back.

Steam bath

Like a sauna visit, a steam bath strengthens the immune system, cleanses the skin and is excellent for asthma patients. Unlike the sauna, a steam room is not built of wood, but mostly out of solid rock. The air temperature in the steam bath is 45-50°C with a humidity of 100%.

Cold water basin

The cold water basin provides the necessary cooling after a sauna visit. Caution: at 10°C, the cold water basin is very cold. Daredevils take a quick shower under the waterfall.

Relaxation area

After a sauna or steam bath visit, you can relax on one of our deckchairs and take in the panoramic views. A further relaxation area can be found next to the fireplace. A sound-proof pine-wood ceiling and a large landscape picture add to your feeling of well-being. In the outside area of the sauna, you can cool off, recover, relax, and enjoy the unique view. In winter, you can cool off in the snow. If you are thirsty, help yourself to a drink from the fountain or the tea bar.

Shower world

In the shower zone, you can choose between different applications. Others prefer tropical rain with aromatic fragrance and special effects lighting. For those who prefer a traditional shower, other cabins are available with a variety of nozzles.

Kneipp zone

Treading water, also known as Kneipp, is a hydrotherapy treatment method developed by Sebastian Kneipp. In Bellavita Spa, guests wade on stones in a Kneipp spiral. The practice involves one leg always remaining completely out of the water, and the toes bent slightly downwards – the so-called “stork walk”. After approximately 30 seconds, you feel an intense cold sensation in the feet and lower legs. After this,  you briefly exit the cold water to warm your feet again.


In the Bellavita Spa treatment zone, there is another solarium. Access to this area is not public so you need to register in advance if you want to visit this solarium.